Which Florida Lottery Game Has the Highest Winning Percentage?

Florida ranks 10th for per-capita spending for scratch-off games, offering players 81 different lotto games to choose from and winning lottery tickets. But which are best at providing returns beyond spending? To discover this answer, we surveyed Floridians from all walks of life including retirees, high school teachers and self-made businesspeople and asked about their preferred lottery games and why.

The Florida Lottery was established through a constitutional amendment approved by voters in 1986 and intended to generate additional funding for education. Proceeds from ticket sales go into an Education Enhancement Trust Fund which in turn distributes its earnings among public schools through Bright Futures scholarship program. Additionally, grants may also be made to community organizations who help individuals in need in Florida.

One of Florida’s most beloved games, Fantasy 5, offers a grand prize worth up to $1 Million with odds of 1 in 376,998 of winning this prize. However, strategies can help increase your odds by purchasing more tickets or playing more often; but remembering that winning odds are low is paramount when playing responsibly.

Florida residents also love Powerball, an international lottery with jackpots reaching more than $1.5 billion that award players their prize as either a lump sum or an annuity payment option. Each winner can choose how they wish to receive their winnings; generally speaking, taking out a lump sum result in reduced tax payments and tax payments.

Florida also features instant-win games beyond its regular lottery offerings. These instant-win games can be purchased at convenience stores, gas stations and some retail outlets; players can either choose Quick-Pick to select their numbers themselves or Advanced Play for automated selection by the machine.

Florida is home to the Multi-State Lottery Association, which manages Powerball. Since January 2010 its jackpot has topped an estimated record high of more than $1.5 billion – and could grow even larger as more tickets are purchased.

On Tuesday’s drawing at Publix grocery store in Neptune Beach east of Jacksonville, an individual ticket matched all five main numbers and Mega Ball to take home an astounding $1.58 billion jackpot, making it the fourth-largest in history and largest prize ever won by any lottery ticket sold in America – purchased by an individual resident of Florida and valued at an estimated value of approximately $320 Million after federal and state taxes were subtracted from it.

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