Is Online Gambling Legal in Colorado?

Online gambling in Colorado is legal if participants are over 21. They can use mobile phones or PCs to place bets at any time of day and even join lottery pools; as well as play casino games like craps, roulette, poker and blackjack.

Online casinos and sports betting are two popular forms of gambling in Colorado, but neither activity is legal everywhere. Before engaging in any such activity with friends or alone, it’s essential that you understand any relevant laws before beginning to gamble online. Here we examine their legality as well as what information should be considered prior to beginning to gamble online in this article.

Gambling in Colorado is legal if you are aged 21 or over and follow its rules. Gamblers may place wagers on professional sporting events as well as college and high school basketball games, esports tournaments and non-professional sports like bowling. Colorado became 19th state to offer this form of wagering when its sports betting law passed in 2019.

Casinos In Colorado

Colorado boasts 41 casinos that are open to the public, with the majority located in Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City – but a few online casinos also accept players from Colorado.

For casinos to operate legally in Colorado, a license from the Colorado Gaming Control Board must first be obtained. This process includes an in-depth background and physical exam before accepting bets from customers – the fee covers three years.

Colorado casinos must satisfy several factors in order to be legal, with one of these being their percentage of revenue paid back to the state from bettors – this percentage being determined by how much is wagered; the higher this number is, the greater its likelihood that casinos will become legalized.

Colorado also allows unrestricted gambling at any given time, creating the potential for casinos to attract a larger pool of gamblers at any one time, which in turn increases profits and is one of the more attractive states for casino operatorss.

Real-money online casinos may not be legal in Colorado, but some sites do permit people to gamble without wagering real money – these sites are known as social and sweepstakes casinos and must abide by state gambling laws as well as offer prizes to winners of their games.

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