How to Play Washington State Lottery Daily Game

Washington Lottery provides an exciting way to win cash prizes while supporting state programs. Offering seven-number drawing games and multiple scratch ticket games, as well as supporting Washington state tribe casinos where players can gamble, dine on Northwest cuisine and watch musical/comedy acts live; revenue generated from lottery sales helps fund human services, education and natural resource initiatives within Washington state. Interested lottery retailers in Washington may sell tickets allowing you a shot at hitting jackpot.

To play Washington State Lottery Daily Game, choose three or more numbers between 0 and 9. You can wager as little as 50 cents or as much as $1 on each play – winning numbers are drawn every night at 8 p.m. Pacific Time; if you match three of the winning numbers you win a prize; these vary according to playing style and bet amount with a maximum prize award of $200,000 awarded for Straight matches.

The Washington State Lottery was created in 1982 as a way to generate revenues for state programs, with proceeds used for education, human services and natural resource initiatives. Each year the Washington State Lottery contributes over $160 Million dollars towards funding state general fund.

Buying lottery tickets is simple and can be done at any authorized retailer, online, or via the mobile app. Once purchased, results for that ticket can be seen on the official website as well as being checked at authorized lottery retailers or TV news channels and newspapers. In addition to purchasing tickets individually for one drawing at a time, multiple consecutive drawings at once may also be purchased simultaneously.

Winning prizes is both easy and rewarding in Washington, but federal income taxes must still be paid on any prizes over $600 you win from Washington Lottery. They report any winnings to the Internal Revenue Service for reporting purposes as well as withholding a percentage for tax purposes – you can see exactly which percentage has been withheld at each prize level by visiting their Tax Information page.

To claim your prize, visit a lottery retailer with valid photo identification and social security number. If you win over $600 in prize, claim it within 180 days from when the drawing took place; your cashier’s check, money order or wire transfer may arrive soon after this process has completed. Please be aware that non-US residents may need to pay additional taxes on their prize amounts.

Smart Luck strategies can also increase your odds of winning the lottery. Track trends and search for patterns among winning numbers with various tools and charts; or download their Advantage Gold lottery strategy software which teaches how to analyze lottery results and interpret historical data to pick out optimal numbers for lottery games.

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