Why Is Health Care Important?

Health care encompasses the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of diseases, illnesses disorders and injuries. As an essential service that improves overall well-being by helping individuals live longer more fulfilling lives; unfortunately it can be expensive; not everyone can access it even in developed nations like the U.S. despite Medicare and Medicaid being available – thus prompting the question “why is health care important.” There are a number of factors involved here when considering why is healthcare essential:

Accessibilite People without the resources necessary for healthcare services cannot receive those they need to maintain good health and avoid disease or disability, an injustice which has been at the core of numerous campaigns to provide universal healthcare coverage.

Individuals unable to afford or access quality healthcare will experience physical, emotional and financial hardship; some may even die from diseases or complications left untreated. Therefore, making healthcare affordable and accessible should be an urgent global goal.

Patient education

Healthcare provides its patients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain their own health and wellbeing, from disease prevention and early diagnosis of acute or chronic conditions, through lifestyle modifications that promote overall well-being. Patient education can also assist elderly and senior citizens, who often have unique healthcare requirements to be fulfilled.

Pharmaceuticals & Biologics

Pharmaceutical and biotech advances have revolutionized the treatment of many diseases. They have improved health conditions for millions, increased life expectancies and enabled effective long-term condition management. Unfortunately, however, their high cost renders many of them out of reach for many individuals; hence lowering drug prices must become a top priority in global health.

Health Workers

Health care cannot function without health workers, and making sure that they can make a decent living is a fundamental element of any functioning healthcare system. Unfortunately, this has not always been the case: across the world there remain shortages of qualified healthcare professionals, while some healthcare workers face insecure employment situations and low pay as a result.

In order to guarantee access to quality healthcare for all, the international community must make investment in training and pay of healthcare workers a top priority – this will contribute to creating a healthier and more equitable world.

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